Trucks parked in a line
We’re Growing!
Business Posted: 3/19/21
We’ll be receiving the first 25 of 50 new trucks in March and April and are looking to hire new drivers. We’ll continue to acquire more trucks as we expand our services in response to a rapid demand for transportation.
2 women in office looking at tablet
Changes in the Trucking Industry and Our Hiring Practices
Business Posted: 2/18/21
The trucking industry has gone through many changes in the recent past, and we are improving our processes to step up! To help keep pace with demand in transportation and strengthen supply chains, we’ve updated our website to make our hiring process more clear.
Trucks parked in a line
How COVID Has Changed the Trucking Industry
Business Posted: 11/5/20
The trucking industry is faced with not only increased demand but logistics challenges due to lock-downs. Here are some of the changes we’ve noticed in laws and practices within the industry.
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