Changes in the Trucking Industry and Our Hiring Practices

Business Posted: 5/3/24

The trucking industry has gone through many changes in the recent past, and we are improving our processes to step up! To help keep pace with demand in transportation and strengthen supply chains, we’ve updated our website to make our hiring process more clear.

In an effort to keep pace with demand, we’ve ramped up our hiring. We do things differently than other companies, and we hope to see more of these practices in our industry. Here are some key differences.

Year-long Contracts

Tired of fluctuations in business throughout the year? At SD Truck World we have set year-long contracts with customers to ensure guaranteed loads for our drivers. This provides our drivers familiarity with the load, destination, and route.

We’ve provided our drivers with stability by offering set contracts so they know what to expect. Various contracts allow for a variety of shipping opportunities.


We put the safety of our drivers first! Using the latest technology, we’ve centered everything we do around driver safety and convenience. Our tracking systems prevent drivers from having to communicate their locations over the phone, keeping them focused on the road.


Consistency is key for efficiency in operations. Using the same routes and robust, time-tested processes allows us the avoid surprises and unplanned problems. This translates into time savings and safety for our drivers.

Fair rates and payment practices

We treat our drivers as we would want to be treated and that includes offering competitive rates. Our drivers are also paid on-time! Respect for others and integrity are our highest priorities.

Minimal waiting times

Shorter days are possible for our drivers because we have minimized waiting times. Drivers can drop a trailer and get moving quickly.

Employee options

Drivers want flexibility and have a variety of options when they choose to work with us. You can choose to work as an employee or an owner-operator. Working as an owner-operator requires the completion of a subhauler agreement.


With all of the changes facing our industry, we are hoping that our hiring practices will become more widespread within the transportation industry.

We offer consistency, a focus on safety, and competitive and on-time pay for our employee drivers and owner-operators. If you have any questions about working with us, don’t hesitate to reach out today!

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