We’re Growing!

Business Posted: 5/3/24

We’re Growing! We Just Secured 50 New Trucks

We’ll be receiving the first 25 of 50 new trucks in March and April and are looking to hire new drivers. We’ll continue to acquire more trucks as we expand our services in response to a rapid demand for transportation.

Our social media campaign for new drivers will cover Oregon, Washington, and California, with spot radio campaigns in addition to a variety of other platforms! If you know of a potential driver who would be a good fit for our company, please send them our way.

Upgraded Safety Features

In keeping with our philosophy of sparing no expense for safety, we’ve opted for the extra safety packages on all of our trucks. They will automatically correct for drift like some of the newer systems in luxury cars.

In addition, they are all automatic and include collision avoidance systems. We’re proud of these upgrades and can’t wait to have our new drivers take them out.

Driver Benefits

Here are some of the benefits we offer our drivers (besides brand new trucks):

  • 50 cents per mile
  • $5,000 bonus at the end of the year
  • Full benefits package
  • Dry Vans (dry freight is easier to handle)
  • Year-long contracts
  • Most loads are drop and hook
  • We lease both new and older trucks

We are grateful to our drivers who help us meet the growing need for transportation and are excited about our new trucks. We want to get these new trucks out on the roads as soon as possible and offer extremely competitive packages.

If you or someone you know is interested, check out our employment page.

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