Benefits of Contract Trucking and Dedicated Fleets

Business Posted: 5/3/24

What are the benefits of contract trucking and dedicated fleets, and why should shippers use them? We’ll explain some of the benefits in this article.

Contract Trucking

Secure equipment capacity

Using contact trucking, you can have regular daily, weekly, or monthly loads. Overall, this means more consistency in securing equipment capacity.

Shipper and carrier loyalty

Working with the same carrier’s drivers offers convenience and predictability. This relationship helps eliminate or curb paperwork errors and produces efficient and on-time service.

Shipping demand can spike throughout the year, and shippers begin to recognize patterns in when this will happen. Working with the same carrier’s drivers allows the shipper to keep in touch and communicate these fluctuations to their carriers. This enables additional capacity and promotes advance planning.

Dedicated Fleets

Delegate management of fleets

Dedicated fleets provide the benefits of private fleets without the operational challenges. The shipper can focus on its core competencies instead of using its time managing a private fleet.

Shippers using dedicated fleets will pay for the cost of operations: drivers, equipment, and fuel. Carriers usually present a total package to the shipper with profit added into the cost.

Branded equipment

Dedicated fleets also provide company branded equipment, professional drivers and state of the art dispatch technology and equipment.

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